Modular service for life cycle management of equipment and facilities used in Ex & Hazardous Area.

The service was created with the aim of simplifying and speeding up project management for systems and equipment intended for installation in potentially explosive environments.

With all-around technical support starting from the initial stages of a project, Saipex Experience facilitates and optimizes inspections and controls throughout the life cycle of plants and equipment, all the way to re-inspection and maintenance management.

Our proposal

Saipex serves as a corporate partner for all activities related to Ex and Hazardous Area (IECEx, EEHA, ATEX) compliance.Thanks to the development, over the years, of a Competence Center entirely dedicated to the world of explosive Hazardous Areas, our team is able to support clients' activities in the various project phases, adopting methods endowed with high quality standards calibrated and constantly updated on the basis of current regulations (national, European and international) and supported by a technological platform shaped on individual Design and Inspection processes.

Our focus areas:

  • Design Review
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Training & Certification
  • Management Web App

Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Our services

Saipex Experience is a true pathway to accompany and support all activities related to the topic of potentially explosive atmospheres. Within the entire life cycle of equipment and facilities, our services adapt to the different phases of the cycle to plan, structure, organize and implement compliance to make it accessible, verifiable and monitorable at any stage of operation:

  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Operation

Services, in turn, are divided into three types of activities:

  • Consulting
  • Technical Support and Inspections
  • Technology Services
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Design Review

From the earliest project stages, Experience provides the opportunity for all our clients to lay a solid foundation for smooth, effective and efficient management of all post-project phases.

The Design Review service, followed by our experts with IECEx and EEHA Design Engineer qualification, includes:

Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)
Definition of the calculation Report, including

  • Technical drawings
  • Classification of zones
  • Gas / Dust Group
  • Temperature Class
  • Temperature Range

Design Review

  • Verification of appropriate selection of equipment, accessories and materials (Equipment Selection in accordance with IEC 60079-14)
  • Drafting of Equipment Register
  • Review of Plant Layout
  • Definition of Wiring methods and selection of cable glands
  • Review of technical documentation (certificates, manuals, and datasheets)
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.

Our team, consisting of qualified IECEx Competent Person / EEHA AS 4761 Inspectors, offers pre-inspection and inspection services from installation to operation. Acquired skills and professionalism allow us to offer:

  1. Supervision during installation - At the customer's request, our team schedules pre-inspection interventions during the installation phase, with the aim of supervising the activities from a prevention perspective. This allows compliance to be ensured and limits any post-installation corrective work:
    1. Support for correct installation
    2. Verification of correct execution of cable glands and wiring
    3. Preliminary verification of IEC 60079-14 compliance
  1. Initial Detailed Inspection - following the installation and wiring of skids and equipment, the team schedules detailed inspections to verify conclusive compliance to confirm or modify and update the Verification Dossier:
    1. Check-sheet in accordance with IEC 60079-17 standard
    2. Ex Register
    3. Punch List and its resolution
    4. Verification Dossier
  1. Close-up & In-operation Periodic Inspections - IEC 60079-17 requires the need to provide for periodic inspections of a plant's skids and equipment to assess their operational health and any corrective actions to ensure their safety.
    Through scheduling in-service inspections, Saipex Experience can provide:
    1. Gap Analysis, through state-of-the-art analysis of skids and equipment to assess the occurrence of any nonconformities;
    2. Periodic Inspection Plan, containing the schedule of periodic inspections compiled during the verification phase of selected equipment;
    3. Inspection Alert, an alert service on the need to schedule and activate inspections of individual objects, each with its own periodicity.

Thanks to the activities carried out during Design Review and Inspection, the data collected and the information processed make it possible to plan ad hoc Maintenance Plans with respect to individual equipment in a precise manner, taking into account the plant shutdowns included in the overall plant planning. Maintenance planning services include the issuance of:

  • Components replacement list
  • Corrective/maintenance action list to ensure compliance
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Training & Certifications

The management of the entire life cycle of equipment in potentially explosive environments cannot fail to take into consideration the preparation, certification of skills and licensing of personnel who work on the equipment on a daily basis. For this reason, Saipex offers, in parallel with consulting services, a training service that enables professionals to grow, update and qualify.
The training offerings include:


  1. IECEx CoPC Installer and Inspector
  2. IECEx CoPC Design Engineer
  3. EEHA AS 4761 Design Engineer / Inspector valid for Australia and New Zealand. Qualification courses are delivered in cooperation with international partner IndEx FZE (RTP) and certified by Tech Skill International (IECEx 05 Certification Body) and Tech Skill Australia (RTO 52737).


  1. Principles of Atex, IECEx and EEHA.
  2. Norme di prodotto IEC 60079
  3. Norme IEC 60079-10-01 e IEC 60079-10-02 (HAC)
  4. Norme IEC 60079-14 e IEC 60079-17
  5. Hydrogen and Hazardous Area
  6. Technical Specification IEC TS 60079-46: Ex assemblies.
  7. Cable Gland Installation
  8. ATEX Directive 2014/35/UE
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Web platform

If a structured and effective process is to be implemented, technological support must be provided to benefit the quality of work and project outputs. Saipex Experience integrates, on all service levels, the use of a proprietary web platform for the optimized and shared management of information collected and processed throughout the life cycle of equipment in the Ex and Hazardous Area.

Adoption of the platform enables:

  1. minimizing the risk of error in the data collection stages;
  2. organize processes for rapid, correct and transparent project management;
  3. facilitate document updating at all stages of the process and sharing among all parties involved in the project process (Coordinator, Inspector, Back-office Reviewers, Corporate Management, Client, etc.);
  4. reduce delivery timeframes considerably;
  5. suggest/set up a structured and standardized method where not present.

Technology to support design review and inspection activities

Ex- perience Information Stream

The adoption of the platform to support Experience services allows, first and foremost, to open a direct channel between the Saipex team and its clients, to facilitate a rapid and real-time information exchange from the first project activity. The client is provided with dedicated access to the Experience platform (Experience Information Stream), with which it is able to:

  1. monitor the progress of the project;
  2. request quantitative and qualitative information;
  3. access all documentation collected and/or produced and download necessary photos and files.
  1. 1. Archive and reference
    1. Calculation reports produced by zone classification
    2. Project skid and equipment registry
    3. Equipment detail pictures and nameplates
    4. Adopted normative references (IEC, EEHA, ATEX, CSA, etc.) and any additions related to design specifications
    5. Check-sheet, manuals and certificates
    6. Ex Register, Punch List and Special Conditions
    7. Periodic Inspection Plan
  1. 2. Database and metrics
    1. Database of all data collected throughout the process
    2. Automated or custom metrics (e.g., percentage progress of inspection activity, number of total nonconformities, progress of nonconformity resolution, automatic Ex Register generation, etc.)
  1. 3. Log and time-stamps
    1. Users responsible for data entry and signature
    2. Date of change and/or closure of documentation
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.

Standard method and procedures: lifecycle management

Ex- perience Lifecycle Management

The platform can be adopted at the client not only in visualization mode (Experience Information Stream) but also in management mode, for structured and autonomous internal organization of projects.
Customer adoption of the platform as a management tool brings with it not only all the benefits described in the Experience Information Stream version, but also the following features:

  1. Management for internal definition of user levels (Admin, Editor, Viewer);
  2. Assisted guidance of data entry activities;
  3. Automatic filling in of predefined fields and normative references;
  4. Early capture of punch points & special conditions;
  5. Automatic verification of non-compliance items against adopted regulations and HAC (red-flag system);
  6. Automatic alerts of Periodic Inspections.
  7. Cloud storage service.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.

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