The Online Inspection Platform for Inspections in Ex Hazardous Areas

A platform that simplifies the project management for systems and equipment that are to be installed in potentially explosive environments.
Compliance Management

The platform can be used from the earliest project stages, thus simplifying the proper equipment identification and selection depending on the relevant requirements during procurement procedures.

Document Management

Managing documents during a project, in order to compile the final dossier, can often be tough and incomplete. There are different positions and roles, like project site inspections and back-office auditors, company and customer management, thus making the update particularly complex during the different development stages. Supports are often uneven and documents are therefore not easy to manage.
The difficulty in managing updates and documentation completeness is a common problem, that can be simplified thanks to Ex-perience, an APP with an intuitive interface and the effective support for all those involved in the monitoring process of an inspection project in Ex Zones.

Ex Inspection Management has never been smarter
  • Total digitization: photo, certificates and documents storage on the platform
  • Modular activation for the functions provided by the platform
  • HAC on the platform
  • Ex Equipment approval or automatic rejection alert
  • Certificate List to be found on the platform
  • Check Sheets progressively filled during installation
  • Punch List and Ex Register automatically filled during the inspection
  • Real-time updating of project progress and compiling of the punch list
  • Unlimited access to download documents (desktop and mobile)
  • Zero risk of data and information loss and of information gaps in documents
  • Simple handover among those involved in the process
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Saipex - La piattaforma web per le ispezioni in ambito Ex Hazardous Area.
Pay per use
  • Pay per use
  • Fix cost for a Project
  • Pay for each tag
All is included
  • No time restriction
  • No account restriction
  • No server restriction
Saipex experience
  • Project Inspector
  • Detailed Inspection
  • QA/QC Coordinator
Hazardous Area Classification IEC 60079-10-1
Equipment selection
Purchase orders IEC 60079-14
Equipment installation
Manufacturing IEC 60079-14
Detailed inspection
Competent inspectors & Customer IEC 60079-14 IEC 60079-17
Competent inspectors and QA/QC IEC 60079-14 Customer’s specification
Punch List resolution
Competent inspectors, Customer and QA/QC IEC 60079-14 IEC 60079-17
Saipex - Ex Hazardous Area
Certificate List Module (Equipment selection)
  • Datasheets check vs. HAC
  • Early capture of punch points
  • Early capture of critical special conditions («X» certificates)
Register Module (Equipment installation)
  • Nameplate data registration
  • Cross check with instrument/certificate list
  • Ex register automatically filled
  • Early captures of punch points
Inspection Module (Detailed inspection)
  • Check sheets
  • Punch List automatically filled
Dossier Module (Dossier)
  • Real time progress
  • Ex register, check sheets and Punch List immediately available
QA/QC Module (Punch List resolution)
  • Real time progress
  • Punch List daily updated and available